2k Escalation: Rise of the Stompa

Ok, so got in another game with Dale over the weekend. As always, lots of fun.

Back maybe 3 years ago, a buddy of mine who won Best Overall at TSHFT won a stompa and straight up just gave it to me. Thanks Jeremy! Anyway, it’s been sitting, un-built in my office since then. With the advent of Escalation, I figured it was time to put it together. What a sweet model. I’m seriously intimidated about the prospect of painting it. So much detail and so many fun, Orky things. Anyway, I was eager to try it out against Dale.

Initially, Dale was going to try out the Stormlord, but I urged him that he should use the Shadowsword again because without it, the Stompa would probably run amok on his lines.

Here’s how the game went:

After the battle, I was talking to Dale and thinking of something I read from AbusePuppy in the Ordo boards about putting lootas with Mekboyz in the stompa. You can have 6 Mekboyz and two Big Meks in the stompa for a total of 8 rolls a turn to regen HPs. That’s 4 HPs on average getting brought back. Considering that I also have the KFF running (of course), only D weapons really have a shot at bringing the Stompa down in that configuration. It moves too fast, kicks out too much firepower, and just devastates stuff in melee.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Lords of War just don’t have any place in regular 40k. If you want to run a fun game of Escalation with someone cool, like Dale, then go for it. But I just can’t see this making any sense to include into regular games.


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